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This is a very strange clock when we first wrote that humans flew to the moon in 1969, so we introduced the first quarter and important Swiss replica watch manufacturers are competing with each other to create the first in cooperation with Jack in the middle of this year An automatic photographer. This year is the great-grandson of the company's founder, and in this competition, he set himself the goal of bringing Caliber 11 to the market. If you are interested in high-quality replica watches, or even replica Tag Heuer Monaco, not only a fake watch of any caliber, but also an automatic chronograph with an error-free design. The table stored in the discussion, just click the link to give me some information, and then we will keep in touch, we are happy to help you find the clock and provide you with personalized service. Let's continue with this year's video jack. Let's start today. It should never be a caliber sprite, but at that time it can only be a sprite with recognizable value. At that time, he met a manufacturer that specializes in producing square or angular shapes that are still waterproof. The replica watch case, it was later discovered that they had collaborated and called it a model of what happened in life, not just a square design.

Square Case

Almost no change since 1969, we have brushed stainless steel on the curved side. This fake watch is only designed to attract people's attention. This is completely different from what the watchmaking industry knows so far. A modern history should be written in the watchmaking industry, that is, the interaction between the circle and the angle. The circle on the dial broke. You would think that they have rounded corners every day. We have a lot of red embellishments on the pointer on the index, and the dial itself is a simple tab. It is easy to see how this year is done. One of the very positive factors in designing the luxury replica watches sale design is the horizontal PC. Today our model is a real replica of the 69 model at that time. You can first see that the symmetry around the level of cs on the clock face is very positive. We There are two total isa gate auxiliary leaves (with rounded corners) and the date at 6 o'clock, which forms symmetry and looks great after leaving the clock. The colors of our game are also very beautiful, especially in Steve กค In this variant that Steve mcqueen also wore at the time, he chose a wonderful blue with red embellishment, and created a wonderful color with the hero Isa Gates. It's awesome, and there are other changes. 


The body is like the fake Monaco Golf (which later became vivid). It was played vertically with orange accents and stripes. Monaco only meant luxury for the two days this year. This is very beautiful, especially in this model. In (Music), the name Monaco fake has a strong connection with motorsports. It began in 1968. A year later, Monaco replica sponsored the replica Monaco Formula One cooperation with the then world champion Joe Siffert (Jo Siffert). The name is derived from knock off Monaco. The street competition is one of the most demanding and luxurious competitions. Jack thought this year that the perfect name for this luxury replica watch is this variant. This year's label also decided to be printed on the clock face I think fake Monaco's name and old logo. This is a very beautiful aspect, because it can make history and contemporary history eternally exist on the dial, the square case 39mm. 39mm is also very suitable for my medium-sized wrist. For example, for non-circular clocks, this is not common. You can see the wrist, but I think the watches replica label is absolutely illegal. The glass is made of sapphire The clock is on the right side of the case, very cautiously, even if the crown is on the other side of the left Christa, why is the crown? Not on the right side like most other chronographs. Now I also want to write on the left side in the comments at the end of the video. I now hope that the resolution does it correctly: the horns fit the case perfectly and stay relatively short, So that the replica watch can adapt well to this situation in terms of wrist and bracelet. 

The case that combines the leather bracelet in one is very good. The case has a strong structure and points to the back, so it is very suitable for the wrist, and the eye-catching case buckle with the eye-catching Heuer logo As long as I can find a good historical accent, replica Monaco will The breakthrough was achieved, mainly through a very specific person, Steve McQueen, who was one of the coolest actors in the seventies in the movie "Le Mans", and he portrayed Le Mans 24 hours Enduro received training from the pilot sponsored by Formula One from jo siffert, and got to know fake Monaco because he subsequently decided to wear knock off Monaco, and these iconic images acknowledged that they all made replica Monaco famous worldwide. He Said that in the next few years, the development of life was not as good as people had hoped, like a forgotten masterpiece, just like replica Monaco did in the 70s and 70s in the 80s. 

It was really popular, and it was not adopted again until the 90s of this year. Even though the caliber 11 did not win the first chronograph competition at the time, it is also known as the elprimero of zenit, which fake Monaco proposed in January 1969. Despite this, it was still in New York and It was exhibited in Geneva at the same time, which attracted great attention from the EU industry. Its unique square design really aroused people's enthusiasm. The caliber 11 caliber is still installed here, especially the lisa model, and it has been used for 40 hours. It was this year in the 1990s that replica Monaco rolled up again, and then started work at 9 o'clock. For example, the v4 design inspired by the car engine was selected as in 2009. The manufacturing movement 0 2 was also shown in October. Therefore, due to the old The design of is almost unaffected, and is still redesigned with new technology, so why does knock off Monaco wear a crown on the left? This is the reason why you fall in love with the queen when the queen is left-handed or you lie. This is because you can better set the game time When wearing the fake watch, it needs to be on the right side. He thinks we can show it to the world, and bake it on the left side like a crown on the crown. This is just to show the world that this is a new model that does not need to be used. Old model, do you know? I look forward to your comments. If you want to buy this replica watch, please click Hontwatch.to directly.


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