Replica TAG Heuer Carrera 160TH Anniversary Edition

Since 1860, TAG Heuer has been the representative of the Swiss replica watch brand. Yes, today I am going to talk about TAG Heuer, especially the 160th anniversary of some new models released in their continuous celebration, which is also part of their overall development and contribution to the new 2020 fake watch. Now taiquoi is progressing slowly at the beginning of the year. In fact, I was a little disappointed. In fact, as early as January, when they held an lvmh event in Dubai, Hublot and Zenith and Bulgari all released many versions, but the replica TAG Heuer watch is obviously Absent, but in the second half of the year, TAG Heuer was definitely right. They launched a new generation of replica Carrera sports chronograph, then launched a 42mm fake Carrera variant, and all using Heuer 02 movement, and now we are on the label Heuer There is a new variant on Monaco 02, which was originally released at the end of last year, but now we have a new model.


It is the bracelet with color matching first. It is black or some kind of dark gray sunrise color, but the biggest highlight is of course the new bracelet. In my opinion, this is an amazing move. Now, when I see the new bracelet When it looks absolutely amazing, 90% of replica watches or derivatives are basically not your basic Oyster design, which always impresses me because I don't think there is any place to do anything different. And if you think of a lot of great fake watches, you think of things like the Royal Oak Nautilus, Nautilus or even Master Sea, for example, when they manage to make a great bracelet, if it's a hand-hanging hook, Bracelets have essentially become synonymous with the brand. They also need to make sure that they have remade a bracelet in the case of Monaco in recognition of its old-fashioned atmosphere from the 60s to the 70s, because that is the symbol of Monaco, it is the 70s The logo of the late 70s and is indeed one of their most iconic replica watches, so they don't wander too far from the path to make it look different, but at the same time they also need to make sure that the production looks modern In this case, I think they have made an amazing and amazing effort in making this new bracelet.

Heuer 02

Like the commemorative Monaco Heuer 02 movement released last year, celebrating the 50-hour mark time for the invention of the automatic chronograph and the original Monaco release, so it is S equipped with hoyer o2 internally and equipped with an 80-hour automatic reserve power Vertical clutch column wheel chronograph, and I have deep love for everything they do on this Monaco 02, the almost invisible second hand chronograph function, let you have the appearance of an old two-hand chronograph and Retro feel, but there is still a second hand timing function, you do not need to sacrifice the sub-dial function, so many replica watches with two registers will sacrifice their hour counter or running seconds in order to register the appearance of the layout, you can get the appearance, but you Does not lose any practicality, and is refined and discreet, with a little crosshair on it, so if you need it to set the fake watch accurately, you can still find some kind of guidance, but at first glance you will hardly notice It, and partly contrasts with the beautiful white small dial. 

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Therefore, I think this is a beautifully-looking replica watch. I like what Tagore and Monaco have done. I hope they continue to follow this path. , Because in fact it doesn't have any natural competitors, I mean a real option for square replica watches with chronographs, do you have a Cartier santos, I think the power reserve of $9,000 is low, in my opinion, This is actually a bit too big, I mean, the 43 mm and 43 mm of the square fake watch are quite big, and then you will see bell and rose colors at the lower end, maybe the ball ross chronograph is equipped with eta 2894, so it It becomes a modular chronograph again, but the power reserve is much shorter. There is no three registration. It does not have any elegance or presence that Monaco has, and it is also bigger. I think for the replica watch company, remember when When you don't have a round watch, it's important to wear it in a very different way. Therefore, I think that by making it into a 39 square millimeter fake watch, it can still be worn, but it has a great technical impact. , And has a high value, and it is a very unique replica watch, it can definitely be called a statement of personality, but it's "if it makes sense, you don't have to really spend the statement money, we have another replica watch To commemorate the 160th anniversary of TAG Heuer, or especially the 160th anniversary commemorative machine, on the surface, I need to point out that a quarter is indeed not as long as it is much longer than many other brands, it will not get what it deserves The credibility of it, it has done a lot of work in innovation, the most striking is its contribution to the first automatic chronograph in 1969. So what did they do to celebrate? Around the beginning of 160, they had a very retro look that looked like the Carrera replica watches, and now, we have another one. 

In my opinion, the bridge is a complete retro style and a complete modern The bridge between the label horror style, you can say that they released the new replica Carrera of the sports chronograph in the 44's, which was released at the beginning of the year. What I want to say is that it is more modern, this time, I think it is really a marriage, it is a label hoyer. Affected by the vintage, but it does not look outdated. As far as the vintage is concerned, its impact comes from hoyer dado 45. The restaurant is famous for the date at 12 o'clock. I'm not sure if 100 really likes it. There is that date at the top, I think it's just because I'm not used to watching it, but other than that, I think this is a great fake watch. I especially like the white and black sub-dials, and they do similar The technique of merging together in the second style at six o'clock, so it doesn't really stand out, it looks like two registers, they also used these beautiful red dots, and gave it some retro Breath, but it's still 44mm modern sizing, with the ceramic bezel you found again the regular replica carrera 02, I think it's a great replica watch, and it's a good celebration of the brand's overall meaning, it's not just Celebrating the label era not only celebrates the hoya element, but also celebrates the label horror. This is the entire brand and the last one. I think it is a very large number. This is my personal limited release of 1860 pieces. I think generally speaking, these Any one of the limited editions of the anniversary year should review the number of years it celebrated, so in this case it should be 160 or the first year they celebrated in this case 1860. This means that you keep the number below 2000. I think when you start to see limited editions of five, six, ten thousand and twenty thousand, I don't know who is issuing a limited edition of twenty thousand copies. Maybe it's Omega.

But when you start to see an increasing number of limited editions, I think it will weaken its specificity, so I think keeping it at a good level of 1860 will clearly see its meaning. s commemorates that it still lowers the volume and still makes it special, and I think both of these are a good indication of the development direction of tag horror as a new fake carrera brand, you usually see the era of Jean-Claude Beaver They are no longer just centered on the hollow dial. One thing I think is that the Hublot zenith and Tag Heier replica watches look roughly the same at different price points. I think this is just confusing its outdated market, and it was robbed. gone. The initial success of Beaver was to introduce the hollowing technology into Hublot and make it an iconic part of the brand. I think creating a zenith that looks like a new blow or a label horror that looks like a new blow. No. Not only did it dilute Hublot as a brand, it also dilutes the Zenith and the label, because it now prevents them from having their own identity. Fortunately, they have gotten rid of this, and I think this new profession shows that Tacala is committed to building This identity of his own brand, so I think this is a great move. 

For Mr. Beaver, I think that in this case, his achievements should really be maintained in his and Hublot achievements, while other brands are I can benefit by myself, and then I also like that these new versions have o2, I think no matter how you consider the difficult start of Taekwondo with an internal movement, I personally will not be between the whole content of the Seiko design movement, but no matter you How to think of hoya o2 is a very advanced modern movement, with a power reserve of 80 hours, in terms of power reserve, it is almost better than any chronograph movement of mass-produced fake watches and in most cases its price It's still cheap, so I think it's nice that they are moving in the direction they are heading, and now they put it in the two main model lines of replica carrera and monaco, and next I hope to see it enter what I think is Formula One Racing, I think it absolutely needs to be improved, and when they have a chronograph, I also need to enter the water racer, d hope to see them launched with a three-person internal movement, whether it is a derivative of O2 or a brand new product , So they can continue to promote the internal movement throughout the entire production line, because obviously they are working hard to improve the market. You can see their high-end quality, so I also want to see now also starting to drop to their low-end, so they can improve The whole brand and eventually eliminate the stigma that I think the brand has. I don't think it is fair anymore, because many of the stigmas come from the label era in the 2000s and early 90s. I think lvmh Tag Heuer is better than the past Many, I think it is commendable and worthy of collection. This reflects the 160-year history of tag horrors, but anyway, please let me know what you think of these new editions in the comments below, and which is yours Favorite, which one you will spend money on, if you want to buy Tag Heuer replica watches, please click replica watches.


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